Our Team

Vibrant Dezign professionals are a diverse group of talented people from many different backgrounds and fields, each chosen for his or her talent, expertise and commitment to the highest standard of quality in design and services.

Nargis Naz


Ms. Naz is an accomplished business woman who plans out company’s overall strategies and policies. She ensures that the organization’s leadership is constantly aware of key external and internal factors overseeing the development and implementation of the overall organization’s strategy and the complete operation of an organization.

Awais Siddiqi

Principal Architect

As an accomplished designer and planner, Mr. Siddiqi leads the design team in resolving how to implement Vibrant Dezign philosophy and vision into functional spaces. He has participated in design and master planning projects around the country. He manages discussions with clients and supervises his team to visualize the project till execution.

Fayyaz Ahmed

Senior Architect

Mr. Ahmad has a very practical approach toward design and his specialty is the construction details. He understands the building so well that he takes a lead position in the design and detailing process and always keep coordinating with client, engineers and vendors.


Senior Draftsman

Mr. Rakhsan leads the design team in making the technical drawing so detailed that processes on site goes on well. Using cutting-edge computer-aided drafting techniques, He creates comprehensive and precise drawings for construction and renovation projects encompassing architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and other systems.

Muhammad Qasim

Manager HR

Mr. Muhammad Qasim oversees the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding of new employees for the business or organization. Additionally aids in strengthening employee engagement, connecting management with staff, and developing strategic personnel resource strategies.

Saad Rasool

Interior Designer

Mr. Rasool is an interior designer who is driven and committed and who is extremely attentive to the shape, colour, and texture of the materials and how they affect the space. He possesses extensive understanding of the various materials that are offered on the market and has expertise in both idea creation and space design. He visualizes a project through from conception to completion, bringing to life an artistic vision for work and living environments.

Awais Saleem

Architect / Site Coordinator

Mr. Saleem discusses the design in resolving all the issues related to execution and coordinates with the site team. He communicates with the senior architects, engineers and contractors in order to make the work go on flawlessly during the process. He is a very important person in the Vibrant Dezign team to make our philosophy possible.

Arshad Shafi

Accounts Officer

Our account officer, Mr. Shafi, collaborates with bookkeepers and account clerks as well as other experts in the accounting division to ensure that the company’s financial transactions are appropriately documented. His primary objective is to handle the company’s financial records, although the size of the organization and its particular sector may have an impact on his overall tasks.

Shehzad Ahmed

Manager Construction

Being a construction manager Mr. Shehzad has a deep understanding of all facets of the building process, which can only be gained through experience. As the intermediary between designers, subcontractors, and regulatory personnel, he has superb communication and leadership skills.

Mian Amir

Chief Engineer

Mr. Amir is in charge of carrying out the designer’s concept. He is a gifted engineer who is familiar with the building’s engineering. Vibrant Dezign team is able to collaborate well because to his attention to detail and building methods. Engineering consulting services are essential for every projects involving construction. These services will affect the project’s worth whether you are an architect, the owner of a construction project, or an engineer.

Adeel Abbas

Admin Manager

Mr. Abbas has continued to be in charge of our business growth. He consistently keeps an eye on and assesses the adherence to the customer service goals. He oversees the maintenance and repair of machinery and equipment to ensure that our office facility is safe, secure, and up to environmental health, and security requirements.

Riaz Khan

Site Supervisor

Mr. Khan, the engineer in charge of all of our project locations, is vivacious and intelligent. He has a lot of expertise organizing construction site work and keeping it on schedule without sacrificing the caliber of the work. In order to guarantee the quality of the construction, he also oversees all testing.

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