To provide real service we add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

Architecture Design

For us Architecture Design is to combine the technology and aesthetic, despite the general belief that architecture is only a technological task. Vibrant Dezign seeks the values and formal qualities of the works, through spatial experiences. In general, we associate it with drawings, sketches or outlines of a project, and it is one of its fundamental basis. In this aspect of our architectural design, there are also other factors involved, that are related to geometry, space or aesthetics, among others. After all, architecture, and therefore architectural design, is made up of many elements and processes or phases.

Interior Design

We believe interior design is a part of environmental design and closely related to architecture. A general definition of beauty and aesthetic excellence would be difficult, but fortunately there are a number of generally accepted principles that can be used to achieve an understanding of the aesthetic considerations in design. One must note, however, that such understanding requires exposure and learning; an appreciation of any form of art needs such a background.


Building Performance

We use a wide variety of analytical tools at various stages of the design process to understand a building’s energy use, thermal comfort, materials impact, natural ventilation, daylight management and a host of other performance considerations.

Construction Schedule

We prepare a timeline for a building project that construction managers use to determine the order and duration of construction activities. Construction schedules also track milestones, deliverables, and dependencies to ensure projects stay on schedule and on budget.

Value Engineering

Vibrant Dezign refers to the systematic method of improving the value of a building. Here we analyze a service, material and labour to determine the best way to manage the important functions while reducing the cost and performing value engineering

Procurement Strategy

We prepare construction procurement guidelines to provide our clients with guidance on the standards of good practice for the development of their construction project. The guidelines are intended to support clients to improve the quality and consistency of their construction works.

Cost Estimation

Cost estimation is the process of forecasting the cost and other resources needed to complete a project within a defined scope. We provide this service to keep accounts for each element required for the project and to determine a project’s budget.

Skilled Labour

A Skilled labour have a significant impact on project performance in enhancing the success rate of the project. So our construction expert elaborates a broader and rooted view of the labour skills affecting the project performance.

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